Editorial services and fees – copy editing

  1. Copy editing
    1. Indicative costs.
      1. Fiction = £0.007 per word. £7 per 1000 words.
      2. Non-fiction = £0.008 per word. £8 per 1000 words.
    1. What is included in the service
        • Correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation, style and usage.
        • Suitability of text for intended audience  
        • Extent  
        • Content and structure  
        • Sentence and paragraph length  
        • Consistency
        • Illustrations and tables  
        • Style
        • Accuracy  

3. What is NOT included in the service

Accuracy of data provided in tables is NOT checked for internal accuracy but only against data occurring in the text.

  1. Bibliographies are not checked unless agreed in advance for a further fee.
  2. Proof reading i.e. checking a typescript against printers’ proofs.
  3. Indexing.
  4. Ghost writing.
  5. Substantive re-writing or re-drafting.
  6. Translation.
  1. The manuscript is provided on CD; flash drive or email attachment as a Word Document.
  2. Corrections are made on a copy document using Track Changes.
  3. A copy of the original document and a copy of the changed document are returned to the author in the medium originally selected.
  4. Electronic copies of the original document and of the changed document are held by Jane Thomas until the author gives permission for them to be destroyed or for seven years at which point they will be destroyed without further permission being sought. At all times the intellectual property right of the author will be protected.
  5. Authors wishing to have the editing done on a hard (paper) copy should discuss this prior to engaging in a contract with Jane Thomas.

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